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Ready to be become qualified to lead multi craft journeys in moderate water?

Paddlesports Touring Leader Assessment

The Paddlesport Touring Leader is designed to get you out leading paddlers on sheltered lochs and slow moving rivers, and if you feel ready it's time for assessment!

We offer 1:1 and group assessments, you'll see we don't have many dates on the calander as part of the assessment process is about you planning the day, so get in touch and we can look at dates and help you with venue selection.

We're based in the Trossachs which is a fantastic are full of possibilites for this award, but if you'd rather be assessed elsewhere that's not a problem. 

Don't forget you'll also need to have British Canoeing/Scottish Canoe Association Membership and be Registered for the Award Prior to the assessment. 

Cost Per Person 


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