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Loch Awe Learning Journey

Learn more in one of Scotland's best rivers and loch

3 Days


Rannoch Moor Learning Journey

Learn more on the famous Rannoch Moor Crossing

6 Days


River Spey Learning Journey

Learn more on this Classic Scottish River

5 Days


Learning Journeys

Our Learning Journeys are not mere wilderness expeditions or coaching sessions.

Based on our experience, we understand that optimal learning happens in an ideal environment.

That's why we've crafted unique journeys that combine exceptional coaching with Scotland's unparalleled natural beauty.

Our approach is designed to provide you with an unparalleled learning experience that will exceed your expectations.

Planning your trip has never been easier!


We understand that logistics can be a hassle, so we've got everything covered for you.


From shuttle rides to mouth-watering menus, we've thought of everything so that you can simply sit back and enjoy your trip.

Our fleet of Hōu Canoes is at your disposal for solo paddling or with a team member. If you have your own boat, feel free to bring it along and we'll adjust the cost accordingly.


Additionally, on most of our trips, you have the opportunity to receive your British Canoeing Multi-Day Touring, Open Water Touring, or Canoe Progressive award for a small fee.

Journey planning made easy!

What you need to bring with you.

Not too much but not too little!?


It’s always a real challenge when packing for expeditions to decide what is needed and what is unnecessary, on this trip, we’re going to take care of the food, but you may still want to bring some snacks and extras.


We’re big fans of keeping our kit fairly light as if we have to portage the lighter the kit the easier the task, so let us break it down then.


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