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The UK's premier safety management programme for operating in and around the water

National Water Safety Management Programme

The National Water Safety Programme (NWSMP) aims to be a leading suite of awards designed to equip anyone working in, on, or near water with essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about managing water safety. The awards suit employers in various industries, including teaching (field trips), construction, environmental health, leisure, and emergency services that require their workforce to operate safely in or near water.

The NWSMP has been developed to meet the learning outcomes of DEFRA module 1 (Water & Flood Awareness training module) and module 2 Water & Flood First Responder training module, along with the needs of educational and outdoor professionals.

The NWSMP is divided into distinct levels to ensure candidates get the most out of the programme.

Upon passing any part of the NWSMP suite of awards, the certificate is valid for two years from successful completion.

The Institute for Outdoor Learning accredits the NWSMP awards.

Cost Per Person 


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